Paint like |,
even if you are 4 years old
10 great impressionist painters
10 video painting lessons in one course
Does your child have spatial talent — talent of artists, designers and architects? Let's develop it together.
What do we develop?
Working with art materials and techniques

Paints and color mixing•Pencil and various types of strokes•Sponge and palette knife•Imprint and collage
Emotional intelligence

Expression of emotions through creativity • Ability to define your feelings • Positive self-esteem • Inspiration through your own and others' experiences • Willingness to experiment
Easy enrichment of the language with new terms

Impressionism•Plein air•Naive art•Portrait•Landscape•Still life•Palette knife•Gouache•Pastel•Monotype•Print•Collage
What can half an hour of social media do? Spend your time better learning from the greatest artists with "Shokla"
The course is based on the work of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters. You will see how your child can easily repeat the world's masterpieces in his own way!
Water lilies and Monet
Learn to mix paints and paint water lilies with strokes.
We will find out who the "impressionists" are, what "plein air" is and how important it is to observe nature.

Ballerina and Degas
We paint a blue ballerina with a sponge and a pencil.
We will find out what "pastel", "artist's workshop" and grace are
Almond and Van Gogh
We paint a tree with short strokes without a pencil.
We will learn how you can love your job and not give up.
Food and Cezanne
We paint fruits with a dry brush, pencils and a sponge. We learn about what a "still life" is, and reflect on how to be persistent on the way to the goal.
Sky and Sisley
We paint, tear and glue paper - create a collage with a real sky.
We learn what "landscape" and "collage" are, learn to think out of the box.
Flowers and Renoir
We make a monotype, create a still life.
We find out that an artist can earn even if he is 13 years old.
Sea and Manet
Mix colors on the sheet and paint the sea.
We will learn what an exhibition is, who the audience is and how important to start doing what you like.
House and Pissarro
We paint a house and trees with a palette knife.
We learn the story of an impressionist painters methodologist and think about how one person can inspire many.
Mom and Matisse
Paint a portrait, mix orange and blue.
We will learn what a "portrait" is, who a "model" is and how to see beauty in people.
Tiger and Russo
Create a jungle with a print and paint emotions.
Learning naive art and how to become an artist.
What can half an hour of social media do? Spend your time better learning from the greatest artists with Shokla
The course is based on the work of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters. You will see how your child can easily repeat the world's masterpieces in his own way!
Receive a video presentation of all lessons
How does Shokla work?
Get full access to the course and go to your personal account.
Put on the table what you need for the lesson: paper, paints, brushes and pencils.
Play the video tutorial on your computer or tablet. All lessons of the course are recorded. You can watch it any time
Open a course
Get your paints out
Play video
If you study twice a week, a course would be completed in a month.
Do it for a month
Receive a video presentation of Paint like Monet course
Our course is best for 4 to 13 year olds, and we also teach their moms, dads and grandparents
And also their moms, dads, grandparents
4 years
Over 13
Let's get in touch with the beautiful
Don't be afraid to make a mistake
Notice details
Have fun
Arina, 5 yo
Symon, 9 yo
Micah, 11 yo
Natasha, 36 yo
Get to know the art world
Remember names and facts
Learn to improvise

4—5 yo
Drawing of Arina, 5 лет

4—5 yo
Drawing of Arina, 5 лет

Get to know the art world
Let's get in touch with the beautiful

6 — 9 yo
Drawing of Symon, 9 yo

6 — 9 yo
Drawing of Symon, 9 yo

Notice details
Move away from the fear of being wrong
Remember names and facts

10 — 12 yo
Drawing of Micah, 11 yo

10 — 12 yo
Drawing of Micah, 11 yo

Learn to improvise
Have fun

Moms about Shokla
Reviews of mothers whose children are taking the course
Ann and Olivia, 4 yo
"Just one lesson - and Olivia knows what France, impressionism, Monet and water lilies are. That red and white make pink, and yellow and blue make green. In half an hour!"
Olya and Sonya, 6 yo
"Simple, accessible, fun. A good way to entertain the child while mom is busy with her own business. Or the opportunity to paint with her".
Natasha and Arina, 5 yo
"After a few lessons, Arisha asked to buy a book with paintings by Monet and Van Gogh".
You will give your child useful entertainment and exciting experience
And we will help you
We thought about our course, the research itself of the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, and from our own experience - Shokla is made by moms and dads.
We have selected
material on the work of art history. And they designed it into aesthetically pleasing videos.
We are already helping the child to form a drawing habit. If you practice regularly, he will have another favorite pastime, and you will have a little more free time for yourself.
To take advantage of all these possibilities, you only need paints, brushes and a laptop!
To take advantage of all these possibilities, you only need paints, brushes and a laptop!
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1. Paint water lilies like Monet

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Course "Paint like Monet". 10 lessons. 30 minutes each.
Paint water lilies like Monet
Tiger and Rousseau
Ballerina and Degas
Mom and Matisse
Sky and Sisley
Flowers and Renoir
Almonds and Van Gogh
Food and Cezanne
Sea and Manet
House and Pissarro

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Principles of Shokla
We create an environment where students can become fearless creators
Bugs instead of errors. We saw a different attitude from programmers. Bug (error) is a small obstacle on the way to the result.
Lack of ratings. We believe we have found other tools for inspiration - quick results, positive reviews, example from elders, and developing self-esteem.
Individual educational process. Each student has their own talents, interests and a different store of knowledge. We believe that a good educational environment takes these characteristics into account and develops the uniqueness of each child.
Controlled learning pace. If we are in a hurry, we will have to come to terms with the "blank spots" in the study. Such a foundation is not reliable for the future. Lessons can be paused .
Development of creativity. Nobody knows what professions will be in demand in the future. Therefore, we believe in the power and necessity of developing a child's developing creative thinking, emotional and interpersonal talents.
Computational Thinking. We perceive the computer as a buddy in creativity and the development of thinking. One of our tasks is to teach children to use their potential correctly.
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